Californians to Stop Unfair Rate Increases

In 2005 The partners of Redwood Pacific Public Affairs were approached by several of the nation’s leading insurance companies to oppose Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi’s proposed automobile insurance rate regulations which would unfairly and arbitrarily increase rates for drivers in rural and suburban areas in order to lower premiums for drivers in big cites. RPPA launched a grassroots, earned media and advertising campaign in the spring of 2006 to educate drivers in 21 counties that would see the biggest rate increases as a result of the ill-conceived plan. The San Francisco Chronicle noted that “Garamendi’s self-serving proposal would raise auto premiums statewide” while the San Diego Union-Tribune called Garamendi’s proposal “crassly political” and “what John Garamendi bills as smart reform looks far more like political opportunism.” And the Orange County Register said the “plan robs one driver to pay another.”  Many elected officials and business taxpayer groups signed on as supporters and spokespeople for the effort to oppose the measure. Over 12,000 California drivers sent postcards urging the Insurance commissioner to drop his ill conceived and unfair proposal, and joining the CSURI coalition. Thousands more contacted the commissioner with phone calls and email messages.