Coalition for Responsible Healthcare Reform/Californians Against More Deficit Spending

During most of 2007, policymakers in Sacramento pursued various healthcare reform proposals. Initially, the partners of RPPA were hired to organize the Coalition for Responsible Healthcare Reform as an advocacy entity to educate the public on issues surrounding the debate. The coalition worked aggressively through direct mail, data mining and website efforts to build a coalition of over 5,000 opinion leaders in California that were willing to communicate with their elected legislative representatives. In addition to activating the coalition, the effort included a series of print advertisements, which pointed out problems with key components of proposed reforms.

As the debate continued and a “final” plan was proposed, the partners of RPPA organized Californians Against More Deficit Spending (CAMDS) to oppose AB 1X and help carry the message to opinion leaders that in this time of a budget crisis, the last thing California needed was another multi-billion dollar unfunded mandate. A group of business and healthcare interests joined together to create CAMDS. In the span of a few weeks, the partners of RPPA, working with CAMDS and its members, created an advocacy program that spanned the state and influenced the State Senate. The partners of RPPA designed and implemented a direct mail, email, outreach, telephone and radio advertising program – generating tens of thousands of contacts with legislators. AB 1X, a $14 billion universal healthcare plan was voted down by the State Senate’s Health Committee, despite being a priority bill for legislative leaders.

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