Floridians for Lower Insurance Costs

In 2006, State Farm Insurance approached the Partners of Redwood Pacific Public Affairs to help them achieve a sunset of Florida’s flawed no-fault auto insurance provision.  Floridians for Lower Insurance Costs (FLIC) faced a tough environment after hurricanes ravaged the state and insurers were taking heat for property insurance increases across the state.  It was clear the effort would need to be narrowly targeted to key districts and key audiences where our messages on savings would resonate and convince voters to contact their legislator.  The campaign focused on email, direct mail, targeted cable and radio.  The overarching creative effort focused on the use of international driving iconography to draw in viewers and readers alike.  FLIC garnered thousands of coalition members and generated tens of thousands of contacts to legislators.  The creative work was awarded the Silver Summit Creative Award for its overall campaign creative design.

Campaign TV Ad