Social Media

In today’s fast paced world where we rely much more on social media outlets for a variety of our information, it is important to have a team that understands the significant influence these communication tools can have in a campaign.

Redwood Pacific Public Affairs acknowledges the shift in technology and social interaction and the impact it can have on a variety of campaigns. Many campaigns thrive from an aggressive component of social media whereas others, a more subtle approach may be appropriate.

We also recognize the importance of promoting our campaign messages through the blogosphere. Reaching out to bloggers, providing on-line campaign responses to blog postings when appropriate, and facilitating third party blog postings and responses are all significant components of an effective social media program.

We have created and implemented entire grassroots campaigns based on the latest social media technologies, including Facebook, banner ads, online ad placements, and interactive websites. We excel at developing creative social media dialogues that best suit the needs of our clients and the goals of our campaigns.